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SRT-HDD Caterpillar Diesel Series

Sometimes you just need a little extra power! Welcome to the Spartan Cat Diesel. Not only is this machine powerful, but we have managed to put it on the exact same appealing frame and body as the other standard SRT’s. Incredible this machine is under 15,00 pounds and has a shorter length and weight distribution to most other diesels on the market. This makes it hold better on hills, and easier to maneuver.

The Spartan SRT Series is offered in the PRO, HD, XD, and Mark Martin versions. These commercial mowers have all the standard features of the previous models with the GT Trac for incline traction, easy touch brake system, and ergonomic cockpit, but with one added feature… the Smart Ride Technology (SRT). This consists of Middle and back Elastomer TecsPak® and front neoprene cushioning absorb any shock or jostling. The suspension under the seat is made for quick and easy adjustment depending on rider height and weight, for an amazing 1 ½” seat float. The rear wheels are cambered out 1 ½ degrees and actually pivot and flex into the frame instead of absorbing vertically. This creates a smoother ride and smoother cut. The ride and cut of these mowers are quite incredible.


Fuel Capacity:

Deck Sizes: 


CAT Diesel 1.1 Liter




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